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Whatever Happened to Celibacy?

Celibacy Fulfills God’s Design for Sexuality as Much as Marriage Does

Alberry reminds us that God made us as sexual beings for a reason and not just for our own gratification or pleasure.
Have You Grasped Luke’s Gospel?

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus Preaches and Exemplifies a Radical Way of Life

The Bible Project offers a simple but rich teaching on the ministry of Jesus and its various connecting points to Israel’s ancient history.
Does God Really Love Everyone?

Is It Biblical to Say God Loves Everyone?

Does the Bible say God loves everyone?
God Can Use the Things We Think are Foolish

The Time Kim Meeder Heard the Holy Spirit Tell Her How to Sign a...

Everyone is fighting some kind of battle or at least knows someone who is fighting.
Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson: Time Doesn’t Heal Wounds—Jesus Does

Time was never created to heal because only Jesus can truly heal us.
Is Jesus Unique?

Jesus ISN’T Unique

What actually makes the “non-uniqueness” of Jesus wonderfully unique is that though He is asking everything from you, He is also giving up everything to you.
Slaying the Significance Monster

Pastors Need to Slay the Significance Monster

Greatness is not the product of giftedness but rather the product of faithfulness.
Do You Want to be a Millennial Missionary?

John Crist Takes Stinging Jab at Millennial Missionaries in New Video

Have a good laugh with this video, but please remember that the satire in it can expose some real and faulty values that can exist in our western church culture.

Is It Justifiable for Christian Artists to Use Swear Words?

There is nothing about art, culture, or context that grants us permission to sin.

Understanding Genres of the Bible Point Us to Accurate Interpretation

A key to accurately interpreting Scripture is to consider what kind of genre the particular book or passage is written in.
The Parting of the Red Sea and the Gospel

The Parting of the Red Sea: A Foreshadowing of the Gospel

Have you ever thought about how the parting of the Red Sea is a foreshadowing of the church's practice of baptism?
The Skinny on Judges

The ‘Very Disturbing’ Stories Told in the Book of Judges Give a ‘Sobering Explanation...

This is the story of a coward, a mafia thug, and body builder. This is also the story of Israel's rebellion. 
Does God Really Love Me?

What to Do When You Don’t Feel God’s Love

Jefferson exhorts his viewers to be careful about relying on feelings to determine God’s love for them.
Angry Pastor Hybels

Bill Hybels: How to Fix America’s Angry Pastor Problem

"In the United States, we have a lot of angry pastors” who do funny things like “yell at people about grace,” Bill Hybels points out in the following clip.
How a Transformers Star was Transformed

From the Bronx to the Navy Seals to Transformers: Remi Adeleke’s Amazing God-Led Story

“This movie by the name of Bad Boys came out…That was the first movie I remember seeing where there were two heroes who look like me and they weren’t playing thugs, or gangsters, or drug dealers, but instead they were playing heroes who were essentially running, gunning, and saving the day."
Why Doesn’t God Stop Evil?

Ravi Zacharias Answers: Why Doesn’t God Stop Evil?

Ravi reminds his audience that the supreme ethic that God has given to mankind is to love and to honor the dignity of other people.
Why is Sex Outside of Marriage So Destructive?

Tim Keller Answers: Why is Sex Outside of Marriage So Destructive?

Sex outside of marriage is a way of receiving fulfillment and pleasure but not actually a giving of oneself.

How Well Do You Know the Short But Punchy Book of Jude?

Small but mighty Jude packs a powerful Scripture-punch.
John Mark Comer marriage

John Mark Comer: Adam and Eve’s Relationship Redefines the Purpose of Marriage for Us

These five aspects of the first marriage might just redefine your understanding of marriage.
Whose Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy?

It's all well and good to say something positive about God while sitting in a Bible study, but what do you think of him when your world seems to be breaking apart?

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